Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandmaman's Birthday Party

Sunshine shone all day for Grandmaman's birthday party. It was too hot to celebrate outside, but Smudge brought the sunshine indoors in fine style. Here she is helping Grandmaman open her presents. Oh tissue paper, how much fun is that?
Smudge kept busy moving the paper from one location to the other. Barley giving Grandmaman time to see what was inside each piece.
Time to stop for a second or two to re-group...
then she is off and running again.
Jboy sits with mommy and watches sister, but you can tell he is itching to get his feet on the ground and give Smudge a run for her money.
Here he is kicking up his heels and having a great time at the Birthday breakfast.
More pics to come tomorrow.


Bernie said...

What beautiful grandchildren you have, you are blessed, Happy belated birthday.....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - We sure are blessed.

Kathy Trejo said...

Happy Birthday! great photos :)