Friday, August 07, 2009

Shopping With Smudge

We thought we might take Smudge to the park or maybe the beach today, but storm clouds rolled in and soon put a damper on those plans. So we took her grocery shopping with us and she thought that was pretty wonderful too. While the rain poured down outside she ran up and down the aisles in the store.
Stopping every so often to look at a display,
but was soon off and running again. This picture is rather blurry I know, but life is a blur at times trying to keep up with this little one.
She did stop to say hello to this lawn ornament, pat its nose and give it a hug, but then continued to lead us on a merry chase through the store.
What fun on a rainy afternoon.

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Kathy Trejo said...

Life is a blur sometimes ;-D true! for me its becoming more so as i try to remember things. I so enjoy the pictures you and AC post. The little one is so adorable :)