Monday, August 31, 2009

More fun at RW

Not only did Farmer Tuck let me try my hand at riding the lawn tractor, he let me work on a project in his workshop too. What fun!
Here we are conferring on the proper distance for the holes needed in a block of wood to hold my watercolour pencils.
Once we knew where to place the holes and how deep to make them, Farmer Tuck let me operate the drill press...
while he held the wood firmly in place.
I now have this handy dandy pencil holder that will hold 30 pencils and keep them organized while I work on a project.

This is what it is replacing - the contraption on the right in the pic below. I made it out of egg cartons, and it did the job but kept ripping and the pencils were hard to get in and out of it.
The holders on the left in the pics above and below keep all my storage colours grouped together, but I needed something to keep the ones currently being used separate, and right at my fingertips, when the pigment is wet and I need to grab different ones quickly to blend colours on wet paper before things dry out.
It is the BEST! Thanks Bri I love it. I had fun working on it with you too.


Bernie said...

What a great idea! Oh and you look lovely in your pictures....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Thank you! You just made my day.