Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Weekend with the Grands

Smudge hadn't been here for a sleepover in quite a while so we invited her over for the afternoon on Friday with a sleepover to follow that night. The trick to spending happy time with this little one is to keep her busy,busy, busy, and it was raining, so we planned a shopping trip to Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, The Dollar Store, the grocery store, and the library. All indoor stuff. She loves these shopping trips and chats non-stop the whole time she is cruising the stores. She talks to every sales person she meets, customer she passes in the aisles and children she encounters. Actually, she wants to hug any children she sees.

After we wandered up and down the aisles at Canadian Tire letting her help us purchase a watering can, rain capes for Celtfest this weekend, and a new coffee maker for Riverwood, we went to the Dollar Store to buy her a ball, and then it was off to MacDonalds for some fries. Yum! The grocery store was next, then it was home to unpack the fridge stuff.

Next on the agenda was a trip to the library. Smudge doesn't know what to do first when she is there. She moves quickly from book to book, chair to chair, table to table. She tries to make friends with the other kids, but they want to sit and read, not play games, so we run around after her putting books away, and dragging her away from the other kids so they can read in peace. She stops every now and then for a story or two with Buppa, then she is off roaming again. Needless to say our trips to the library with her are short and sweet. She needs to keep moving.
By the time we left the library the rain had stopped, so we went for a walk along main street downtown. Smudge hopped, skipped and jumped along happily while Buppa kept a close eye on her.
She stopped frequently to window shop but we didn't mind. It was nice to be outside after the rainfall, so we let her set the pace and it was stop and go all along the way.
After that busy day it was time to go home to get ready for bed. Face washed, teeth brushed, jammies on, now it was time for a story.
This little one sure does like her story time with Buppa. He likes it too.
After two or three stories, she gets three waltzes with Buppa then it is off to bed. ZZZZZ. We all had a good day and neede to catch our ZZZ's for the busy day to follow. Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow.


MNH said...

I like the third photo because Buppa just stands there and looks forward waiting for her to keep going.
Almost like a chauffeur, just waiting for the princess to say go.

Cuppa said...

MNH - Yes, she is a princess for sure. She has Buppa and I wrapped around her little finger and dictates the paces most days. And we LOVE it.