Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Afternoon with the Grands

We had to go into town the other day and we know how much Smudge loves to come for a ride with us, so we invited her to join us. Of course a stop at the library to drop off and pick up books has to include a visit to the children's corner. Smudge enjoys touching all the books and pulling as many as she can off the shelves before we can get to her.
She even stops to look at the pictures in some of them. This one was a favorite the other day.
From the library we continued on into town and stopped at Swiss Chalet for lunch. Yum! Smudge had to inspect the glass before I could pour her apple juice into it. She didn't want her sippy cup, she wanted a big-girl glass so I poured two or three drops at a time into this little cup for her, and she though that was quite grand.
She then had to check out the cutlery, and wanted a big-girl fork.
Ok, everything is fine, now where is my lunch??????
I gave her the pickle off my plate and she licked it for quite a while, but she didn't want to take a bite.
She sure didn't mind biting into the ice cream at the end of the meal though.
After lunch, we headed over to a nearby park to let Smudge run her wiggles out there before bundling back into the car for the trip home.

The afternoon was just GRAND!

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