Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunshine Ride

We had a nice sunny day on Friday so enjoyed a ride in the sunshine. (Good job we did too, because it poured rain ALL day Saturday and late in the day Sunday) Splish, splash, splosh!!! We took a new path for our ride, and basked in the beauty all along the way. We weren't quite sure where we were, so AC checked a map while I snapped a few pics.
This is what we feasted our eyes on during the whole ride.
I also feasted my eyes on this beauty once we got home. AC surprised me with this new "Dr T" bodhran. Isn't she pretty? She sounds even better than she looks. What a treat to play this drum after the rather sad one I had before. Thanks AC, I LOVE it!
We spent all weekend at Celtfest so lots of pics will follow this week. Stay tuned.

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