Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Received a smattering of it

Well, I was hoping for some sunshine, and we did receive a smattering of it, and a hot smattering at that. The sunny window stayed open long enough for us to take in Bloomfest this past weekend at a local garden centre. The acres of gardens were a riot of colourful blooms. Some very large blooms...

and other small delicate ones combined to make a feast for the eyes.
When the clouds did part and allowed the sunshine through, the temperatures soared and it got uncomfortably hot walking around the acres of sunshine filled gardens. I soon retreated to the shade garden and enjoy a quiet moment there before setting off for home.
Hope you enjoyed a sunshine filled hour or two this past weekend, with lots of shady rest spots tucked in here and there to keep you cool and comfortable along the way.

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