Friday, July 17, 2009

Afternoon Walk

We thought we might take Smudge for a bike ride the other day, but the winds were cold and fierce, so we opted for a walk instead. As we strolled along, she had to touch almost every weed and flower we passed, bang each mail boxe, skim the leaves on every hedge and climb on any fence she could get her toes into. Here we see her hanging around while Buppa gives her a little support.
Seeing as we wanted to finish our walk before the rains came, we insisted she ride in the stroller for part of the way. That was fine, but she insisted on kneeling in it so she could look at where she had been instead of where she was going. She chatted to me the whole way and back again.
We stopped at Tim's for coffee and apple juice before we headed home again.
Then Smudge walked part of the way home and when I saw her walking like this I couldn't resist taking this picture as it reminded me of my dad and grandpa. They both walked with their hands clasped behind their backs. You can't see her hands clearly because of the harness, but by the time I repositioned myself for a better picture she had unclasped her hands and reached for a flower.
Oh well, next time I will try to be quicker with the camera. Enjoy your weekend in spite of the all the rain that is called for. Maybe it is time to buy a pair of those spiffy flowered rain boots that are all the rage now. I have a pretty umbrella, so all I need is a bright pair of boots and I am all set for this incredible wet weather.

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