Thursday, July 02, 2009

Shopping Trip

Smudge went to school on Monday, so Mommy, CB and I hopped in the car and went shopping for the day. Of course we spent lots of time shopping for cute outfits for Smudge. There are so many adorable outfits for little girls out there now.
We just had to take a picture of this little poncho even though we didn't buy it. Neither of us could believe our eyes when we saw it. It is the same material with the same white patterned stitching on it as a housecoat I bought over thirty years ago. Where on earth did they dig this material up from to make these ponchos?
CB got tired of sitting in his stroller, so I played "boo" with him in a mirror while Mommy continued to shop. He was getting such a giggle out of the game that Mommy stopped shopping long enough to take a picture. This is our reflection in the mirror.
Soon after we took this picture we stopped for coffee and gave CB a bottle then headed back to Winner's to shop for more bargains for us. I got two blouses and two sweaters. Yay Winner's!

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MNH said...

That poncho looks just like your housecoat, thats weird!
and I LOVE that pictures of you and the babe! <3