Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music, Mom and Memories

AC and I enjoyed a most delightful evening last night. Not only did we attend a wonderful Natalie McMaster concert in the park without a drop of rain falling on us, (an absolute miracle these days) we met blog friends of AC's for the first time, but felt like we had known them for years. Don't you just love it when that happens?

When I read some of Lorna's blogs earlier that afternoon, I thought she just might be a kindred spirit, but I knew for sure she was as soon as I met her. She was warm, friendly and easy to talk to. Yep, a kindred spirit indeed. We visited with her and her husband Dave over a glass of wine and munchies in their condo, then walked to the park for the open air concert. During the evening a ring that Lorna was wearing kept catching my eye. She was sitting across the room from me, so I couldn't see the detail on the ring, but the shape was amazing.

When we got to the park later that evening and Lorna sat down right beside me, I got a closer look at the ring and noticed that it was my mother's silverware pattern. I couldn't believe my eyes. I touched the ring and told Lorna it was mom's pattern, and without a moment's hesitation Lorna turned to me and said " Well you must have it then", and proceeded to take it off her finger and give it to me right then and there. I was speechless.

I slipped the ring on and not only did it fit perfectly, it felt like it had always been there. Amazing! I love wearing things that have meaning and memories attached to them, and this ring now encircles heartwarming memories of both the past and present. As I sat there last night listening to the music under the stars I thought of mom and how she would have loved this concert, and then I was filled with awe over the new friends we had met, and this very generous gesture of giving me this beautiful ring.
Thanks Lorna, I love it.

Let's get together again real soon.

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Lorna said...

It made me happy too. Isn't it interesting to see 3 different perspectives on the same amazing evening?