Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Busy day with the Grands

As you can see, we go on lots of walks when Smudge is at our house for a visit. She enjoys them and so do we. They have an added benefit for us though, they tire her out so she is content to sit quietly when we get back home. Sometimes!

Here she is walking with the latest fad for her - holding tightly to an apple and an orange. Go figure! She can say apple clearly, but she pronounces orange as "ornage". She holds on to them while riding in the car, being pushed around a store in a cart, or while walking down the street.
She lets go of them from time to time so she can inspect the sidewalk,
or run to greet new friends,

or pat a dog,
But soon takes hold of them again to continue on her walk.

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Lorna said...

posted at 5:40 a.m.?

When the young brother starts walking and carrying apples, you're going to have to get up at 4 to get in all the pictures.