Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fun Visit

Weather, health and busy schedules finally all co-operated so Grandmama could come for hugs with Smudge and a snuggle with CB. He seems quite content to sleep in Grandmama's arms doesn't he?
CB slept soundly while noise and activity carried on all 'round him. Grandmama brought Smudge a guitar so she could play a tune with Daddy or Uncle Ben when he comes to visit again. Grandpa had to give it a try, and Smudge soon made tracks to help him.
They were entertaining us all when...
Daddy decided to join in too.
After the concert we all enjoyed a delicious roast beef dinner that Grandmama brought with her from Montreal. She even brought dessert - apple pies, pecan pie and the BEST fudge I have ever tasted. It was a feast indeed.

As you can tell from this picture Smudge agrees. She was really getting into her dessert here.


Jinksy said...

Pecan pie? Yum!

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - it was soooo good.