Friday, July 18, 2008


We took Smudge to a local ice cream parlor this week and let her try another ice cream cone. This store had special little cones just the right size for chubby little baby hands to hold onto, and Smudge thought that was just dandy, thank you very much.
She couldn't quite get the concept of licking the ice cream, but managed to get a wee bit in her mouth even if most of it ran down her chin and onto her shirt.

Once her little cone was gone she wanted some of Grandma's cone too. Grandma was more than willing to share.
Oh what sweet memories we are making of our time with the precious little one. Look at her little hand holding mine as she tries to wrap her mouth around the ice cream. Wrapped right around my heart it is.

Smudge Lesson for the Week - Don't worry about getting dirty when you are trying to learn something new. Some things are worth the mess, and things clean up easily in the end. Jump in and enjoy, but hold the hand of someone you love if you can, that makes things so much easier.


Mary said...

YOU and SMUDGE are the absolute cutest!

Thanks for the pictures and the lesson.

Love you!

Cuppa said...

Hi Marm - nice to hear from you today. Miss you guys and think of you often. We were at the Mill of Kintail today, and when we walked along the nature trail by the river I could see you and Ben having fun in the water on your last visit with us.
Memories have a way of making dull days bright, and bright days even better.