Friday, July 11, 2008

The newest headgear

I put this box on Smudge's head after breakfast yesterday, and she played with it all day. She kept going over to this picture of Rocky to look at herself in the glass, and she thought she looked smashing indeed.

Totally charming don't you think? Here she is making a phone call to Mommy at work, telling her all about her new hat. Not only is she walking but she is talking up a storm about the new look.

When Mommy got home she enjoyed the fashion show Smudge put on for her.

Smudge Lesson for the Week - You like what you like and that is OK. It doesn't matter what the fashion police say, so go ahead, blaze new trails and set new trends. It just might become the next fashion sensation.


Jules said...

Isn't this age just wonderful?! I love her hat - it's very stylish and I like the fact that she's a leader, not a follower :)

Rachel used to like to carry around an empty box of Kraft Dinner on her hand. It's great they like the simple things in life - sometimes I wonder why we have all these toys? :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

One more thing - I think it's funny that the word verification for this post is 'cerlbx' - kinda like cereal box, don't you think? :)

Cuppa said...

R&N's mom - yes, this age is great. She makes us smile everyday.

She has a toybox full of toys and she plays with old wooden spoons and a dented pot, or a cardboard box. Who needs the expensive toys?

I have noticed on a number of occasions that the word verification seems to fit the comment. This one especially though! What a hoot.

luna pie said...

I shall have to keep this look in mind for my bad hair days!

Cuppa said...

Sare - good idea. Your students would love it I am sure.