Thursday, July 31, 2008


...I see you! Isn't he/she cute? So smart too. Already waving and playing Peek-a-boo.

AC already posted the news on his blog yesterday, and took a poll on the name - Bean or Daub. Looks like Bean is winning over there, but I can't quite settle on Bean. Daub seems to go better with Smudge somehow, but I can't get my head around that name either. Althegal suggested Boo, and I quite like that one. I'll have to let it cook on the back burner of my brain for a while and see which name keeps coming to the top.

Bean, Daub, or Boo, he/she is an amazing little bundle. In this ultrasound the baby is no bigger than my thumb and already has this cute little hand and a heart that is beating 148 beats per minute. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Totally, totally awesome.


luna pie said...

Congrats again Grandma! These babies are sure lucky to have you and Juncle.
I'm torn on the name too - I like 'daub' as well - just a mark on an unfinished canvas...
I kinda like little 'pea' as well - Danica being the princess of course! The Princess and the Pea - how will this fairytale end?

Lots of love to you, and hopes that the Sha will make her way out of the rough period reeal soon!


Jules said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you & your family - new babies are the best!

As for the name, I mentioned in a comment on AC's blog that I'm partial to 'Bean' because when I was pregnant with Rachel, we called her 'Lil Bean' (with Natalie, it was 'Lil Sprout'

However, after reading the comment above - I LOVE 'pea' - how sweet is that - The Princess & the Pea :)