Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitchen Help

I was working in the kitchen yesterday peeling carrots for dinner and the Wee One thought that she would help me. I was standing in front of the drawers you see in the picture. Yes, right next to the cupboard in the corner. The plate of carrot peelings is still on the counter. Do you see where Smudge is? Right at my feet, between me and the counter. Sheesh! When I looked down and saw that she had her pillow with her and was having a little rest while she helped me in the kitchen, I had to run for the camera.
As soon as she saw the flash, she sat up and flashed me a smile.

Such a cute little helper she is.
Pretty soon she will want to be up on a stool beside me helping me add ingredients, stir the mixture and then lick the spoon. For now I am glad she is happy to sit at my feet with her pillow and brush. It gets a bit crowded, but what wonderful memories we are cooking up together.

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luna pie said...

heheh!! what a cutie - that's just what i feel like doing when i m in the kitchen - curling up on the floor with a pillow... ahhhh. :)