Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Bit of Heaven

Sitting on a grassy hillside, under blue skies, being warmed by sunshine and cooled by gentle breezes as we listen to music, watch step dancing and sip hot coffee is... a little bit of heaven indeed. AC and I went to Celtfest on the weekend and had an absolutely, wonderful, fabulous, glorious time!

The day started out cold and rainy, so we wondered if the "show would go on" as we packed our lunch, and got ready to head for the park. We were all ready to go, but the rain was pouring down, so we delayed our departure for about an hour. By that time the rain stopped, but it was still cold and windy, so we tucked away our shorts, sunhats and sunscreen, and dug out our boots, long pants, rain jackets, umbrellas, and off we went with spirits high even if a bit dampened by the rain.

The show did indeed go on in spite of the rain, so we missed the first two acts, but got there in plenty of time to find a good spot near centre front stage for our lawn chairs. And we settled in for seven glorious hours of toe tapping, hand clapping, heart thumping music. Gloriosky!

By mid afternoon the clouds rolled on out of town and the sun made a grand and glorious appearance. It got so warm I had to dig my sunhat and sunscreen out of the bottom of the bag, and eventually we even had to pick up our chairs and moved to a shady spot.

AC moved to the front of the crowd and took this video of The Kyle Felhaver Band and Fusion Dancers. Next time I will ask him to also pan the crowd so you can see the beautiful venue and crowds of people who attend Celtfest each year. It is one of our favorite concerts to attend and it is free. Yes, Free! The paid concerts and festivities start on Thursday night and continue throughout the weekend, but the grand finale is always free. What a treat!

Yes, it was an absolutely, wonderful, fabulous, glorious day, and I am already looking forward to the next Celtfest. Be sure to check out AC's blog for another video and his thoughts on the day.

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