Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Penned In

The Smudgster loves her new play house, but also loves to play in the gravel drive at the back of the house, or the flower garden beside the deck, or the side walk, or the road or.... just about anything and everything. Grandma was up and down, up and down, back and forth, and up and down, trying to corral her. Something had to be done. Voila, a moveable plastic corral was just the answer. It is light to carry, easy to set up and take down, and can be set up anywhere. Where was this contraption when my kids were Smudge's age?

I put my chair right beside hers, but on the outside of the fence and we were both happy. She could roam around outside the house, or go in and out of the house as many times as she wanted to, and I could just SIT!

At one point though I had to get in the house with Smudge to see what she was picking at in the grass. It was at that precise moment, when I was on my hands and knees inside the house, with my hind-end sticking out the door that I heard a cheery "Hello?"
A neighbour for across the road came over to say hello. Sigh. I must have looked a sight, and she must have wondered what in the world I was doing in that little house. What a hoot.

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