Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Christmas Day

We are heading up to RW for a NY Eve visit with family, so this will be the last blog for a while as internet connections are slower than slow at the farm. Here are a few more photos in the Christmas file you might enjoy.
The kids got tablets from Mommy and Daddy and they were more than pleased with them.
Games, music, videos and email all at their fingertips.
The tree kept a close eye on all our activities.

Danica staged and took this picture.  I really lilke it.
Intently reading the instruction for her new toy...
A Hello Kitty karaoke machine.   She amazed me with her musical talent, and her ability to read the lyrics to each song flashed quickly on the screen, while the music played.  If you have ever tried Karaoke, you will know how difficult this is.
Somebody is being silly.  Can you guess who it is?


Regenia said...

Oh what fun to see these pictures! I especially like the one with Danica and JJ on the couch together engrossed in their tablets. And what a beautiful dress Danica has! Wishing you a good trip and a Happy New Year!

Anvilcloud said...

I think you're being silly for putting that poor girl's head under your top.