Sunday, December 08, 2013

One last treat from our party

D#3 is quite a talented artist and manages to work wonders on tiny surfaces.   She has decorated faces and heads, Christmakkah cookies 2011, and nails.  Pretty amazing.
Cookies from Christmakkah 2007

Christmakkah 2007

Christmakkah 2007
Christmakkah 2007

This was what she did to my nails on the weekend.  She didn't have special brushes or polish, just ordinary nail polish with thick brushes, and a few small stickers.  Don't know how she did it, but she did.   Pretty huh. 


Lorna said...


Regenia said...

I have not had time to visit regularly in a little while. A couple of days ago I had a few minutes to get caught up by reading, but no time to comment. Like always, I enjoyed all the posts. What a wonderful, wonderful family time!! And what a gorgeous dress your little Danica wore!

Cuppa said...

Lorna - it was a glorious weekend indeed. The nails didn't last a week, but they were fun while they lasted.

Regenia - The world speeds up at this time of year doesn't it? My blog posts are slipping too. We did have a great weekend with the ATeam, and made the most of every minute. I sure needed a nap at the end of it though.