Friday, December 06, 2013

And yet more....Christmakkah

Once the lights and garland was positioned "just so" on the tree, it was time to add the ornaments.
Asha kept a close eye on the activity.

JJ took great care in the placement of each ornament
Sometimes he had to reach as high as he could to get the perfect branch.

Lots of breaks were taken for hugs.  It was so nice to have the ATeam there for the party this year.
This girl loves Christmakkah
The tree is finished, and I think Danica is trying to give it a hug.  It is the most beautiful tree this year.
One final touch...
...then it was time for Daddy and JJ to put the train under the tree.  It took a bit of wrangling and adjusting of tracks, but they finally got it the right size to fit the tree and the room. 

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