Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

After all the family fun, it was time to get ready for bed on Christmas Eve, and after PJ's the kids went through the last minute check-list
Stockings hung by the fireplace.....check
Other stockings place carefully around the room...check
Snack for Rudolph...check
Preparing snack for Santa...check
Last minute check on the computer to see Santa's progress across the globe...check.
Tucked into bed...JJ....check
JJ gave us his bed for Grandmama, so he slept on a mattress on the floor in sister's room.   Both kids went to sleep easily, but JJ was up sick in the night, so he spent the early morning hours in Mommy's bed,  and Daddy slept on the couch.  You can see the faint outline of the puke-bowl on the floor beside JJ, and he hit it expertly every time during the night, so no bedclothes had to be changed.  
It was an unsettled night for Mommy and Daddy and JJ, but the rest of us slept soundly, and were in a deep sleep when a very excited Danica got us up at 7 Zero Zero!  Danica is usually up before then, but she knows that she must wait for the digital clock to read 7 00  before she rouses anyone else in the house. 

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