Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Happy Christmakkah

I am lallygagging with blog pics this week as I haven't quite caught up on my sleep yet. Our Christmakkah celebrations with the ATeam over the weekend were fun and festive to say the least, but also a tad tiring for the old folks. 

The ATeam arrive around midnight on Friday, and were on their way to the airport or conference location at 5:30am Monday.  Zoom, zoom, zoom...went the weekend.  After we delivered D#2 to the airport at 6:30am, we came home and I was back in bed by 9am.  ZZZZZZ, I needed to catch up on some sleep.  I think I am almost there, but not quite back in the groove yet. 
It was a last minute surprise visit, and we made the most of it.  Family breakfasts, late night gab-fests, Santa Claus Parade, hockey with JJ, decorating the tree party, food, fun games and.....a glass or two of wine.

With our back and neck problems this year, AC and I took a pass on the parade, so I don't have any pictures of that fun, but we happily snapped a few during the rest of the weekend.

As soon as Danica heard that the Aunties were coming for the weekend, she marked the calendar with a big note - The beginning of Aunt Week.   It only lasted for two days, but we made it seem like a week.  Here she is doing a crossword puzzle with the Aunties. 
It took lots of concentration.
The Aunties brought the kids bouncing balls, but they required some work before the kids could use them.  The Aunties set to work...
...and Danica read the instructions for them. 
Then it was time to sit down to a brunch of bacon cooked by Eric on the BBQ, and a breakfast casserole made by Buppa.  Yum, yum. yum.

After breakfast/brunch it was time for more hugs and maybe a cookie or two.
This was the beginning of the day...
...and this was the end.   After the Santa Claus Parade, we put on warm jammies, and gathered round the table for a late dinner.  Auntie Alycia taught us how to light the Menorah. 
Both kids helped place the candles in the right spots...
...and it burned brightly all through dinner.
The next day we lit the Advent wreath and the Menorah, and had a happy Christmakkah celebration. 

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