Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Baker and the Builder

The kids went to the Christmas party at Mommy's work, and they both came home with presents that involved some work/fun/help from Amma and Buppa.

Danica got a doughnut kit that was a tad messy to work with, but made three delicious doughnuts. 
JJ got a Lego set, and while I was helping Danica, Buppa helped JJ.

The almost finished product didn't look exactly like the ones on the box...
...but a few sprinkles helped add the finishing touch. Once the sprinkles were in place the tray was put into the fridge to keep the treat until after dinner.

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Regenia said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun afternoon it must have been! James Beard's opinion (as I recall) was that sometimes a food preparation did not look perfect and that was okay because in the end only the taste matters. Did the doughnuts meet his criteria?