Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part I

It is really nice to be back home after our winter adventure at Riverwood, but what wonderful memories were made as we welcomed in the new year at the farm.  I have scads of pictures to sort through, but here are a few of my favs to get me started.
After driving along snowy roads like the one pictured above for almost 3 hours, we came upon a most welcomed sight...
The old wagon wheels and mailbox marking the entrance to the driveway at Riverood.
How pretty and inviting the old farmhouse looks when we turned into the drive
The lane had been plowed, and there was a cleared space for all four cars that needed to park there for New Years Eve celebrations.  I didn't take this pic until later, so the other three cars had set off for home by this time, but our car is shown nestled close to the front door for the rest of our stay.
When we arrived the gang already there were setting off for a snowshoe walk, so we unpacked our car and got all settled in by the time they got back from their walk. 
This was a very common sight during our stay.  The young'uns all gathered in the kitchen cooking, while the old folks sat and watched.   I didn't lift a finger to cook a meal, set a table or wash a dish the whole time the kids were there.  They worked like a well oiled machine in the kitchen, and seemed to enjoy cooking for the whole gang.

Ben sets the table, while Mary and Brad consult over what's going on at the stove.

They are all once again back at the stove and counters working on the meal, while I take pictures.

All seated and ready to dig in.  MMMMM good.
This above picture was taken on our last morning at the farm with the kids.  They cooked up a big breakfast that was most delicious.  The elder Tucker's had left by then, but this was a typical scene of the whole holiday spent with the kids.    Thanks guys for a fun and fabulous time at the farm. 

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Mary said...

Aw, nice shots, Sue. We loved being able to spend some of our holidays with you and John. Can't wait to see more images of our time together and the rest of your adventures after we left. I loved that it was so wintery while we were there. Such fun!