Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part IV

The next day when we set off for our snowshoe walk, we decided to head down the Old Logging Road, instead of across the fields.We would be more protected from the wind along that wooded road.
We saw the kids skating down on the river and we waved hello as we passed by.
Then we set off down the Logging Road.
It isn't an easy walk, but a very pretty one.
We went as far as Maple Lane then turned around and made tracks for the warm farm house.
We stopped to take more pics of the kids skating on the river when we got back to the New Bridge area.
Looks like so much fun.
The girls came over to say hello while the guys were trying to clear more ice.
They were getting cold too, so they soon made tracks for the farmhouse.
View of the farmhouse from the skating area.
Such a welcome sight after a cold afternoon skating or snowshoeing. 

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Dogman said...

I haven't walked the trails yet this winter, Sue. Gotta get myself moving!