Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part VIII

Well, I finally got to the end of the stash of pictures I took at Riverwood during our winter holiday. Whew! It was such a beautiful winter wonderland at the farm this year, I kept my camera close at hand whether I was inside or out and took a ton of pics. 

Come along and enjoy this last walk with me.
We thought we would leave the snowshoes at the farm, and walk out to the road for this walk.  This is a picture looking up the lane towards the road.  I love the trees standing like guardians at the gate.
Once out at the road, AC took this is a panoramic picture of the area.   Oh so pretty.
Looking back at one of the outer buildings from the road.
Just down the road from the farm is the Owenbrook Golf course.    I have never seen anyone golfing there, but it is a pretty, well maintained course.

There is a pretty picture waiting just around every bend in the road.
A welcome sight.  The plows keep the roads in good shape soon after every storm.
Back at the farm, and ready for some hot chocolate once we go down the lane to the old farmhouse. 
Posing for a picture in front of a snow bank almost as high as me. Thanks goodness a plow comes to clear the drive after a heavy snow. 
The Playner Mill as seen through the trees, taken while I was standing in front of  the snowbank shown in the pic above.
One last shot of the hammock waiting for the snow to pass, and the summer sun to shine again.  Many a good book has been read on that old hammock.
So folks, that's it. Next week I'll move on to other things.  Hope you enjoyed the picture visit to Riverwood.


Dale said...

Thanks, Cuppa. That was really fun. Tell me, is it you who takes the beautiful photos. Or is it John? Either way, they're lovely!

Cuppa said...

Dale - Glad you could join me for the photo walks around RW.
Most of the pics on my blog are ones that I have taken with my little point-and-shoot camera. Sometimes I'll hand my small camera off to John to snap a pic of me with it, or do something fancy like a panoramic shot, but mostly they are my pics on my blog, and J's pics on his.
I hardly go anywhere without my little camera, but J's is much bigger to lug around, so it doesn't get the daily living shots mine does, but he goes out on more specific photo shoots than I do. He is the artistic one, while I do more activity or event shots, if that makes any sense.

Regenia said...

I did enjoy the visit!

Cuppa said...

Reginia...glad you enjoyed the visit. So happy you stopped by for a saunter around Riverwood with me.