Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anniversary weekend - II

Although we do like to pack picnic lunches and suppers, we have been known to dine out too. This is a favorite spot, but we don't allow ourselves to visit this place very often.  On our anniversary weekend though, we splurged and indulged in the most delicious french fries.
They don't have table service at this luxury restaurant, so AC was happy to fill the bill on this afternoon.

MMMMM, fresh crispy fries, with lots of salt and vinegar.  Yum!

Fun at Narrows Lock

AC relaxing by the water while I roamed with the camera.
The sun is getting lower, soon it will be time to move to the other side of the lock for our picnic supper.
AC tried a hand-held camera picture to get us both in the frame.  The angle makes me look like a munchkin doesn't it?
All in all a fun day filled with lots of sunny memories. 


Hilary said...

Oh those greasy fries.. I'll bet they were yummy!

Cuppa said...

Hilary - yes they were. Greasy and yummy!

Lorna said...

A munchkin with a true sense of style.