Monday, June 01, 2009

Ready to Ride

The Sarnia gals went home Friday afternoon, so Friday evening was spent doing laundry and other things that didn't get done during our busy week. That gave us Saturday free to garden and then go over to the kids for a visit. When it was time to leave Smudge thought she should join us for the ride. Once Buppa's hat was donned and glass adjusted...
she was ready to motor.
We ended up taking her to the garden centre with us, then back home to go for a walk with Mommy while we drove off quietly in the other direction. It is getting harder and harder to leave her when we go over for a visit now. She seems to sense that we are getting ready to leave, and she grabs her shoes and coat and stands at the door saying "car". If we don't take her with us she dissolves into heartbreaking sobs, and it takes mommy a while to calm her down. It is very hard on this Grandma's heart to see Smudge's teary little face at the window as we drive off to the sounds of her pleading to go with us.

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