Sunday, June 14, 2009


When Smudge comes over to our house for a visit she loves to go out into the backyard and get her hands in the garden. With bucket and trowel in hand she gets right to work.

Here she is moving mulch from the garden into the grass. Must talk to her about that! On this day, she dug up a petunia, transferred a pot of soil to the middle of the lawn, stored a ton or two of dirt under her finger nails, gathered a bucket of stones and plucked a few weeds.
Yes, she does love to get into her work, and she is such a cute little Petunia while she is gardening.
At the end of a busy day in the garden she sits with Buppa to survey her handiwork.
They are both very pleased with all that she has done.


Mary said...


I popped over from AC's blog to take a look at the pink. What a great sport you two are.

Love the photos of ND and Buppa on their walk. These will make beautiful memories.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Cuppa said...

Mary - Those pics of AC and ND on their walk make me smile too. As soon as they set off I ran for my camera.