Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It wasn't all play.

When the gals from Sarnia were here, it wasn't all play. Not only did they offer to babysit one morning for Thesha , but on the day they had to catch the bus for home, they wanted to spend more time with the Wee Chillin's before they left. So, we all set off for a morning shopping in Almonte.

Here we see Miranda exchanging smiles with CB while Thesha chats with a friend.
Smudge got her fair share of attention too. She now has two new best friends - Hillary and Miranda.
Miranda helped her explore the toy corner at Kentfield Kids...
and Hillary shared a seat with her at the coffee shop.
No, it wasn't all play, it just seemed that way.

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Mir said...

Wasn't all play but it was all fun.