Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picnic at the Mill of Kintail - Part 2

Speaking of leading people on a merry chase all afternoon---Smudge just didn't stop. The leash helped Buppa keep track of her, but as you can see she was one busy, busy bee! These benches are at the open air chapel at the Mill. Lots of weddings take place here during the summer months.
It is a beautiful spot for a wedding, but it has lots of walking trails and picnic areas too.
Here we are taking the path down to the water's edge.
Smudge and Buppa are spending a little more time exploring nooks and crannies in the chapel at the top of the hill while the rest of us wend our way down the steps.
Bug and Puff blaze the trail for us.
CB slept during the whole walk and Smudge kept Buppa on his toes.

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