Thursday, June 04, 2009

Day on the Town with the Grands

The A-team is coming for a visit on the weekend, so AC and I had to head into town to do some shopping before their arrival. We decided to take Smudge into town with us for the day, to give Mommy a break. The trip started off with a stop at the library to drop off and pick up some books. Smudge likes to play in the toy section there, so we spent some time there lettings her get rid of some energy before we set off in the car again.

Her favorite area is the toy kitchen. Here we see her making a hamburger for lunch. Yum!
Next stop was Mark's to look for a BD gift for Daddy. Smudge lead us on a merry chase around the store and insisted on carrying the bag on the walk back to the car. AC walked her around the parking lot while I made a quick stop at Winner's...
then it was off to McDonald's for lunch.
Smudge had a great day, but she was one weary shopper during the ride home. She quickly nodded off in her car seat, so we took the long way home, and she got at least a half-hour nap before we arrived back at her house.
I think I need a nap now too. ZZZZZZZZ

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