Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fairy Tales and Peace Signs

Sorry I have been so lax in posting pics for you this week, but we have been busy with the girls from Sarnia. It was rainy again on Wednesday so the day started with a babysitting gig at Sha's. Tash brought Evan over to join the fun so the girls had three munchkins to babysit. We all gathered back at the house for lunch then it was naptime for the chillin's.
Time for some fune before saying goodbye.
CB loves his bumbo chair. Smudge never did like it, but CB thinks it is just the ticket. Looks cute in it too, doesn't he?
After our goodbye's we made tracks for the tattoo parlour. Yes, you "heard" me correctly, the tattoo parlour. The gals wanted to get another tattoo on their holiday, so AC and I were game for another new adventure. We did some research and found a highly recommended place just down the road from us, so we loaded up the gang and pointed the car in that direction. Half hour later we pulled up in front of the gallery and I wondered what we would find inside. Oh my, it was something else I must say. We did feel out of place walking through the motorcycle gear and smoking apparatus to get to the piercing gallery that lead to the tattoo parlour. The tattoo artist was a rather large fellow with big glass earrings, multiple piercings and multitudinous tattoos, covering huge arms, thick neck and fierce face. I felt like I had just stepped off planet earth into another realm, and I guess in a way I had. I had never entered this world before. The girls were very excited though and laughed and giggled while they looked at the tattoo art and tried to decide on final designs and placement of their tattoos.
I wandered around the shop looking at designs and as I relaxed I started to warm to the idea of getting a small tattoo for myself. Why not, some of the designs were quite pretty. Maybe a rose on my ankle????

Here we see Hillary up on the table all set for the artwork to begin.
As you can see, the artists was really a rather gentle talented fellow and did a very nice job on her "peace sign" tattoo on her foot.
He also did an excellent job on Miranda's artwork. She loves fairy tales and...
Lessons learned that day - never judge a book by its cover, and don't be afraid to explore new world's outside the small one you live in every day.

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