Monday, January 26, 2009

Visit to the Library

After we took Smudge to Walmart to run around the other day, we decided to visit the library to see what they had to offer a very active two year old. How nice to discover that they had lots; shelves of books, bins of books, play tables, toys, and a plethora of cool chairs.

Here she is trying out one of them.
She didn't stay there long though, too many other things to see, places to go, books to read. She lead Grandpa and I on a merry chase or two around the stacks of books and then back to the play table.
When we first went into the room, she headed straight for a shelf jam-packed with books and pulled this one out. Seeing as a new baby is due to arrive at her house any day now, I thought it was amazing that she put her hand on this one, of all the others she could have pulled off the shelf, and brought it over to the table to "read". It is all about a little girl trying to adjust to a new baby brother. The little girl even looked like her.
As you can see, she kept it on the table beside her, but got her little fingers on many other books too. This was one of her favorites. "App , Nana", she shouted with glee when she got to this page.
Such an intelligent child!

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