Thursday, January 01, 2009

Musical Gifts

As you can see from these two short videos Smudge loves music. Daddy got a guitar for Christmas and Smudge thinks it is pretty cool.

Auntie Power Puff gave the strings a strum or two and Smudge grooved to the music.

Then Daddy tried his hand at it, and Smudge got right into the act too.

I think we might have a very musical New Year!


Donna said...

HahahahHahaa...I Must say I Love little Miss Smudge...Precious!
BUT! LOLOL...Your daughter's partner (Sorry, I can not remember her name) gave me such a Wonderful time just watching her open her presents!!! She was SO darn grateful for what she received!!! It was Sheer joy to watch her!!
Ya'll are truly blessed!
Happy New Year to you all!hughugs

Cuppa said...

Donna - "Puff"! She is a gem. We love her to pieces. She adds such a bright note to our lives. That video of her opening her gift from us makes me smile every time I watch it. We are truly blessed indeed!