Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It is cold, cold, cold, here these days, but the sun shines brightly each day, and Smudge needs to get fresh air, so I bundled her up yesterday and sent her out the side door. The snow was rather deep for her, and the last time she was out there she couldn't or wouldn't plow through it. I thought she would just stand there until I got my boots and coat on to go out and shovel a path to her little play house for her, but by the time I was ready she was being a brave adventurer and made tracks to her front door all by herself. As you can see though it was roped off. The roof blew off, and the whole house nearly followed it over the deck railing during one winter storm, so Daddy tied it down. That wouldn't do on this day though. Smudge had to get in and check-out her kitchen. Work to be done in there!
I did clear a path to the house, and opened the door for her. She busied herself inside for the longest time, but was soon back outside with her wooden spoons moving snow around with them. Busy, busy, busy.
After about twenty minutes I looked out and saw this. Her work was all done, and now it was time to take a break with one of her books. This little one does love her books.

Soon after that it was time to come in. I stopped her at the side door and removed her sodden boots and mitts, then set her down on a dry spot to take off the rest of her winter duds. Before I could turn around she headed for her bookshelf and ran to Grandpa with a book.
Time for a story Grandpa. Ah, what sweet memories we are making with this precious little one.

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Donna said...

She's precious! Bet she has lots of fun in that house!hahaa...Happy day sweetie!hughugs