Monday, January 19, 2009

Apple Cheeks

Grandpa and I sat with Smudge while Mommy went grocery shopping the other day. When Mommy got home, Smudge thought that she should help unpack the groceries, and before we knew it, she scampered off with a yellow pepper. In order to rescue the pepper, I traded Smudge an apple for it. Well, she thought that was just grand - thank you very much. I didn't think that she would be able to break the skin and bite into it, but she worked away at it and as you can see managed to get at the flesh of the apple in no time.
There were tears and foot stomping when I took the apple away from her to dig the seeds and core out of it. Sheesh! She soon had the apple again and sat on the couch chowing down to her heart's content. Chomp, chomp, chomp, suck, chew, chomp!

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