Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunny Day

We had snow all day today, but yesterday was clear, sunny and bright, so we took Smudge out for a saunter around the neighbourhood. She loved it, and so did I. What a treat to get out and walk in the sunshine with her.
She had to examine each rut in the snow, puddle of slush, driveway, snow bank and...
...vehicle on the road. This truck was especially fascinating to her. She kept going back to it and I had a heck of a time keeping her away from the dirty tires and undercarriage.
I steered her over to the mailboxes as they are usually her favorite things to thwap and pat, but...
...before long she made a bee-line for the truck again and didn't want to leave.
In the end AC had to pick her up and carry her home. She cried all the way down the street. She just wanted to stand in the road and look at the truck. Makes you wonder what goes through her little head.

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