Friday, January 23, 2009

Nice Doggy

We went over to visit Smudge the other day, and Mommy was having a hard time coping with Smudge's busy, busy, busy little hands and feet. You see, CB is just about to make his appearance into this old world, and Mommy is struggling to get through these last couple of weeks. She can't find a comfy spot to sit or sleep, so long days and nights without much rest are making her feel rather frazzled to say the least.

Grandpa and I decided it was time to take Smudge out for a ride in the car so Mommy could have some quiet time by herself at home. Seeing as it was -20 and snowy outside going for a walk wasn't an option, so we bundled Smudge up and took her for a ride in the car. Cute huh?
After a little jaunt around town, we made a stop at Walmart. Not to purchase anything, just to push Smudge around in the cart, and then let her run for a bit. Smudge loves to visit Walmart. She talks to everyone who passes by, takes in all the fascinating colours and shapes of things as we walk up and down the aisles, and reaches out to touch whatever she can. We have to make sure that we walk down the centre of the aisle to keep sticky little fingers just short of the shelves on either side of the cart.

At the entrance of the store there is a long hall leading down to the washrooms, and along that hall sits this plastic CNIB dog. Well, Smuge thought he was wonderful. She patted his nose, stroked the top of his head and scratched his feet. She then took off running down the hall to the very end. Grandma ran after her, turned her around and sent her scurrying back down the hall towards Grandpa and the dog. Smudge would pat the dog, rub his nose and take off running again. We repeated this over and over and over again. She got lots of exercise and had fun too. Mommy got to rest for a couple of hours, and Grandpa and I got to make some memories with this most delightful child.

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