Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sunshine on a snowy day

Thesha put in a full day at work yesterday so AC and I were called on for babysitting duty. What fun!

The Smudge is on the move all the time now, so she led Grandpa and I on a merry chase all day. You can't take your eyes off her for a second because she is quick as a bunny, and into everything that isn't nailed down. I took her into her room to change her diaper, and left her on the changing pad on the floor while I went to wash my hands before dressing her. I turned around and there she was right behind me. Crawling like a pro now.
Areas of the house that are off limits have to be safely secured behind closed doors or baby-gates, and any places she is allowed to explore have baby-locks on every door and drawer. Oh so necessary, but oh such a bother.

I still remember the sense of freedom I experienced the day all the baby-locks came off the doors and drawers in my house. I felt like I had arrived when I could open the cutlery drawer without fidgeting with the baby lock. How neat it was to be able to reach under the sink for soap without going through hoops with the contraption on the door first. The locks are necessary when babies are at this stage, and give parents peace of mind knowing the babies are locked out of dangerous areas, but they are a pain on a drawer or door you are in and out of hundreds of time every day.

She is making a bee-line for me here to try to get her hands on the camera.

Climbing toys galore festoon the living room carpet and she enjoys them all. She would rather stand and play with something than sit. So lots of climbing and standing toys are strategically placed around the room for her to use.

And use them she does with great joy and enthusiasm. What a little ray of sunshine she is.

Here she is having a conflab with Grandpa. Makes me smile each time I watch it.

Hope it brings some sunshine your way on the this snowy day too. Enjoy.


Cathy said...

I heard myself chuckling out loud at the interaction between AC's nose and that precious, culy-mopped, darling Smudge/ Nikki Dee.

You don't need Spring - you've got the glow right there with you.


Cuppa said...

Cathy - that video makes me laugh out loud too.

She does bring the feeling of spring to ones heart and
what's the word I want.....oh yes... precious!