Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fashion Show

Mommy and Grandpa went out for lunch together today, so Grandma got to "play" with The Smudge for the afternoon. Total fun.

The last time I was at Winner's I saw this delightful little dress on sale, and thought it would be the perfect Easter present for The Smudge. I wanted to try it on her today to see how it fit and maybe take a few pictures of her wearing it to surprise mommy with for Easter, so we had a secret fitting session this afternoon.
New Dress
Cute huh?

I tried to stand her up beside the bed so I could get a full length picture of her in the little dress, but she kept flopping down on the floor. I do love this shot of her sitting on the floor beside the bed though. What a cutie.
New Dress
I will try to get more shots of her standing up when I have more people around to help me take the pictures.

When Mommy and Grandpa arrived back home we sat and visited for awhile and I took lots more pictures of The Smudge like I always do. The camera was sitting on the table and Thesha picked it up to see how they turned out and accidentally saw the Easter dress pictures. Drat! Oh well, at least I get to share them with you today, now that Thesha has seen them.

As you can see from this video, The Smudge was feeling much better today and once she was back in her comfy blue jean outfit, she enjoyed showing off her improved skills of climbing the stairs.

Rocky still isn't quite sure what he thinks of this new little being that crawls around on his floor, but he is letting her get closer and closer before he takes off now. He used to high-tail it to the nearest dark corner as soon as she came in the door, but as you can see here, he almost let her get within touching range today.


Heather Plett said...

My goodness she is growing up fast! So adorable!

ChrisB said...

That little dress is so pretty. I used to love buying my grand daughter dresses but now she only wants to wear trousers!