Monday, March 10, 2008


Enough of the snow stories and pictures for now. We have a little path cleared to the front door, and we can get the car out of the garage so we are all set. We can hardly see the houses down the street, but spring is coming and will melt the mountains, so it is time to share some of our own sunshine...a video of The Smudge of course.

Thesha was sick with a cold last week, so we sent her to bed, and we watched The Smudge till daddy got home.

The learning and exploring never stops.


Anonymous said...

She looks full of mischief and fun. She really is getting about well isn't she, standing and stretching... :o) She certainly is a ray of sunshine!

Cuppa said...

Daffy - she is in constant motion and grabs whatever is not nailed down. Sure keeps us all on our toes. She is coming over for a visit today, so I must go put the gates up and cupboard locks on.