Sunday, March 09, 2008

Enough Already

AC and I spent most of the day inside yesterday, but did have to go out from time to time to clear a path to the front door. Our dear neighbour cleared the driveway with her snowblower, but we had to contend with the walk. This was my third outing of the day!!!! Yes, I shoveled this patch three times yesterday and this morning we have a drift in front of the door that covers the mailbox and half the screen door you see in this pic.
I tried to take pics from inside the porch this morning because I can't get the door open to take pics from the outside. These might give you an idea of what this storm dumped on our heads yesterday. Sheesh!

Don't know if you can see the depth in these pictures, but there are three levels of snow in front of the window and door. The highest drift is the third furthest from the window.

One last shot of the backyard. BBQ is completely buried and the snow is past the halfway mark on the fence.
So, that's it folks. Actually it is quite pretty. Mother Nature is quite the artist and created beautiful sculptures in the windswept snow.

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