Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shades of pink along Memory Lane

AC added colour to this old black and white photo of Thesha a few months ago, and it is one of my favorite pictures of her. A neighbour of my mom and dad's knitted this dress for Thesha over thirty years ago, and Thesha wore it a lot when she was a baby.

When it came time to clean out closets and give baby clothes away, I tucked this dress away in a box of treasures to pass along to Thesha when she had a baby...

Wk2 Coloring a Photo

You guessed it, the other day when I was babysitting, I hunted up the dress and had a photo shoot with The Smudge.
The Old Pink Dress

The Old Pink Dress

AC and I couldn't quite get The Smudge into the same pose, but you get the idea and now we have a new picture of a most wonderful baby in that pretty dress.

Like mother, like daughter. Cute, cute, cute!


ChrisB said...

AC did a brilliant job on that photo.
With Smudge looking so like her mother it must bring back so many memories for you both.

Anonymous said...

I second Chrisb, ;o) They look so much alike! The dress has certainly stood the test of time as it looks beautiful on both babes.

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - AC did do a great job adding colour to the old photo didn't he?
I sure do see Thesha in The Smudge all the time. Time shifts and warps and I wonder what decade I am in when that happens.

Daffy - Thesha said today that we should now put the dress away for The Smudge's baby!!! I think it might still look good then too.

Cathy said...

That's amazing. Smudge is her mommy's daughter :0)

How precious that you saved that lovely little dress and it looks as fresh as the day you first put it on Thesha.