Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday treats

My birthday is fast approaching, so the other day Thesha asked me what I would like. I mentioned that I would like a shelf for my bathroom, but it had to come with installation. She thought she could arrange that, so the other day we set off for Home Depot and found the perfect shelf. She and the family came over on Saturday to visit for the day and install said shelf. I had fun playing with The Smudge while Daddy went to work putting up the shelf for me. I softly sang "Happy Birthday To Me" as we played and he worked.

Here he is taking his "Holmes" pose after the work is all done. Good Job!

While Daddy worked upstairs, The Smudge and I were playing peek-a-boo downstairs. She was having great fun, and so was I. What a joy she is to be around.

After the rousing game of Peek-a-book, it was time for a quiet, story break. It is hard to get The Smudge to sit still long enough for a story, but we keep trying. We are helping to raise a reader, so a book is always close at hand. She quite likes this book about busy bunnies. I think it is because it only takes a minute to read it and then she can set off on another adventure again.
Raising a Reader

OK, enough of that "quiet time" stuff. Time to get up and explore. Hmmm, how can I get at that TV???

Well, if I can't get past that fence, I can try to brush Dolly's hair.

Doesn't Dolly look pretty Grandma?
Busy, busy Bunny indeed.


Anonymous said...

Superb pics! They do make me smile!
Is your birthday very far away? Happy Birthday for whenever it is! :o)
Daffy (it wouldn't let me post a comment!)

ChrisB said...

I think you got the best deal all round :)
Happy Birthday whenever that fast approach might be!

Cuppa said...

Daffy - They make me smile too. She was belly laughing each time I peeked at her. What a hoot!

I have another week to go to celebrate my actual BD, but the kids came over to install the shelf this weekend so it wouldn't interfere with a long weekend visit from the A Team next week. Yes, the girls will be here for Easter weekend and won't go home until after my BD, so the whole family will be here for a piece of BD cake this year. Having everyone here is the best gift of all.

Don't know why blogger acts up like that from time to time. Glad you found a way around the hitch.

Chrisb- I certainly did get the best deal all round. Lots of pics were taken and warm memories were made.