Monday, October 19, 2015

Road trips with the Tuckers - Autumn Colours 2015

One of the nicest things about this Autumn Colour visit to Riverwood, was the fact that the Tuckers are both retired now, and were able to spend lots of time with us up at the farm. We enjoyed nature hikes along the trails at the farm, but we also took a road-trip or two to explore interesting sights not too far away.
The leaves were changing, and the trees put on a magnificent display for us all along the route.
We travelled winding back-roads like this to see what beautiful vistas might be waiting just around the bend in the road.
This was one beauty we stopped to take pictures of, then we were soon on our way again.
What fun to travel through the Hastings Highlands.  The colour wasn't at it's peak yet, but still pretty.
We stopped at this lake for a picnic lunch, but it was much to cold and windy to sit at a picnic table.  After we gave the cameras a workout, we retreated to the van, and munch our lunch in the sunshine and warmth inside the van.
We spotted this rusty truck graveyard at the side of the road, so the guys had to get out and take some pictures.
I didn't take many pics here, but quite like this little face hiding in the ruins.
Next stop was the Rockingham church.
It is one of our favorite stops, and we have enjoyed a stroll around the grounds here many times before.  This was the Tuckers first visit though.
Lots of restoration work has been done, but the original look remains the same.
Sisters warming up in the sunshine while the guys continued to stroll around taking pics. 

We made lots more stops this day, but that`s enough for this post.  More to come this week, so be sure to check back.

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MARY G said...

Love the rusty baby bear and the sisters' pic. You are so lucky to have a sister to enjoy things with.