Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Algonquin Park with the Tuckers 2015

On a sunny but cool day we set off on another adventure with the Tuckers.  Rain was called for mid-week, so we decided that Saturday was the best day to explore Algonquin Park.  BIG mistake!  It was a beautiful day, but it seems like everyone else in the province thought it was the best day to visit the park too.  I have never seen the park so crowded, and that took some of the beauty of the experience away for us, but not all of the beauty.  

We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park, but we always stop at this shop in Maynooth to get dessert.
The butter tarts are delicious, but so are all the others - pumpkin, fruit, lemon, coconut cream......yum, yum, yum
I am doing a happy dance just thinking about the delicious tarts we chose for our picnic.
The park was so crowded we could hardly find parking at a lot of the picnic sites, but we finally found room at this one, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at a table near the lake
This was the sight all along the trail to our favorite look-out.
I tried to get a picture of AC alone at the top, but it was impossible.
The colour was not at its peak, but still a lovely view.
Sisters enjoying the view from the top of the lookout
Finally a chance for a less crowded picture

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MARY G said...

What a shame about the crowds! You should come and visit us some day and do our trails. Guaranteed there will be no one there except us. Unless it is deer season, when we have hunters and wear a LOT of orange.
Nice photos. It amuses me to see AC with the same weird posture I use to frame a photo. Only he is better at it than I am (the photographing, not the posture. I think I am worse there.)