Monday, October 26, 2015

Thanksgiving weekend back at home

Thanksgiving weekend found us back at home, and ready for a visit with the kids.
They dropped in to see us shortly after we got home and we shared hugs all around.  They quite like the funky glasses we brought them. 

TG dinner was a joint effort.  Shauna cooked the bird, and while I was preparing to make the gravy, she and AC peeled potatoes for the feast.
It was a lovely day, so the kids played outside while we prepared the feast indoors.  JJ got his new hockey jersey, so he contemplated the upcoming season before practicing his slap-shot.
Danica danced in the sunshine.
And they both worked up a appetite
Dinner was almost ready to be put on the table.  JJ helped mash the potatoes
Danica happily joined the work crew.
Finally, time to chow down.  Many happy memories were made as we shared things we were thankful for this past year.

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MARY G said...

Some time soon I am going to try to find a reasonably priced place that will make a book out of my Facebook posts. I think you should think about doing the same. Precious memories for you and your daughters and grandkids someday.
I have also signed up my Facebooking daughter as my 'legacy' appointee who can access my account if I can't. Again, saveable stuff.
Where our mothers had albums, we have so much more.
Can I borrow JJ sometime to mash potatoes? Looks like good technique there.