Thursday, October 22, 2015

Riverwood morning with my wide-angle lens

After our road trip to Algonquin and environs, it was time to spend a quiet day at the farm.  The guys are usually up much earlier than me, and most mornings when I wind my way to the bathroom from the bedroom, this is what I see when I reach the kitchen area.  I just had to grab my camera this one morning.  AC had put the wide angle lens on my camera for me to experiment with on that day's walk, and I quiet like how it captured this early morning scene. 
Both guys are all wrapped up against the cool morning air, sitting together reading.  They often stop to share a portion of what they are reading with each other, then sink back into their books. 
Breakfast is done, and we are all ready for our morning walk around the farm.  The Tuckers are way ahead of us leaving the house.  The wide angle lens does give me a different picture for sure.
Trying my hand at a picture of the old barn taken through the wagon wheels. 
The guys patiently wait while I play with the new lens.
Our walk took us down past the Playner Mill to Southwood Road.

Lots of stops along the way to take pictures of the river.
Another fun shot with the wide angle lens just to see how it would distort the picture.

I think I have enough pictures of our trip to Riverwood, for one more post tomorrow.  Then I'll move on to other things.

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MARY G said...

I got one for Christmas last year and I am STILL learning to use it well. You are doing great! Love the wrapped up men shot.